1. (obsolete) Plural form of thank.
  2. (plurale tantum) An expression of gratitude.
    • After all I"ve done, a simple acknowledgement is all the thanks I get?
  3. Grateful feelings or thoughts.

6 letters in word "thanks": A H K N S T.

No anagrams for thanks found in this word list.

Words found within thanks:

ah ahs an ankh ankhs ant ants as ash ask at ha han hank hanks hant hants has hask hast hat hats ka kans kant kants kas kat kats khan khans khat khats na nah nas nat nats nth san sank sant sat sh sha shakt shan shank shat ska skat snath st stank ta tak taks tan tanh tanhs tank tanks tans tas tash task than thank thans tsk

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